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Elevate Your Space with Energy-Efficient uPVC Windows

uPVC windows offer a huge range of benefits. They enhance security, they improve energy efficiency, they are available in a range of colours and finishes to compliment both your personal taste and the style of your property and they require very little maintenance.

Choosing high quality uPVC windows might be the best decision you ever make for your home. With multi-point locking you can get the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your home is secure while the insulation they provide can reduce both your energy bills and your carbon footprint.

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Exploring the Diversity of uPVC Window Styles

Because uPVC is such a versatile material, uPVC windows are available in a vast array of styles to suit your requirements and fit in with the existing style of your home. Casement windows have no internal dividers and so offer unobstructed views, but they also open fully to allow excellent ventilation. Flush sash windows also offer excellent ventilation and deliver a look that is at once both sleek and traditional, as do sliding sash windows.

Perhaps the most versatile uPVC windows are the “tilt and turn” style. This allows you to “tilt” a window across the vertical plane for ventilation without opening a window wide enough for it to compromise security while the “turn” allows you to open the window against the horizontal plane for maximum ventilation.

Whichever window type you choose, uPVC offers durability, security and low maintenance windows that will enhance your home.



Bespoke Designs

We include a free bespoke design consultation with all of our uPVC front doors and composite doors – making the door of your dreams a reality.

Professional Trades Team

We have an in-house installation team in the Dundee area including fitters and joiners who deliver an exceptional standard of work.

Premium Products

We work with local suppliers to bring market-leading uPVC, composite and aluminium doors to our customers in Dundee and across the east coast of Scotland.

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Personalise Your uPVC Windows

Because uPVC is such a versatile material, your uPVC windows can be customised in a whole range of ways. However big, whatever style or colour you need your windows to be, that vision can be realised in uPVC. Obviously when you customise your uPVC windows price will be affected – both size, finish and factors like how the windows will open will affect cost, so it is important to contact our experts for a comprehensive quotation.

How Much Do uPVC Windows Cost?

When you shop for uPVC windows, cost is clearly going to be an important factor. The cost will be affected by a number of factors – will your windows be double or triple glazed? How many openings will you have and what size will they be? How big will each window need to be? What window style do you prefer? What finish?

All of these variations make giving generalised prices very difficult. Because we are committed to complete price transparency, we encourage you to discuss your needs with us so that we can provide a full quotation.


Explore Our uPVC Windows Installation Services

Ideally, you are only going to fit uPVC windows once, so you want to be sure that you get the best fit available. This means you need to have your windows fitted by experienced professionals. Our installation process begins at the measurement stage. We make sure that everything is constructed to the precise measurements of your home for bespoke windows that fit perfectly. We are meticulous about our work and everything we do is guaranteed, so when you use our installation services you can use them with confidence.

Why Choose Our uPVC Windows?

There are many reasons why people choose our uPVC windows. Price – we always strive to deliver the best possible value, quality – we only use the highest quality materials, durability – uPVC will give you decades of service and value for money. We have built a reputation across Fife and Dundee for quality, service and value. That reputation is hard earned and we live up to it every day.


Maintenance and Care of uPVC Windows

One of the great joys of uPVC windows is the lack of work they demand from you. Keeping your uPVC windows in pristine condition is easy – nothing more than a regular clean with soapy water to remove dirt and algae and the occasional lubrication of locks and hinges is required. uPVC windows will not rot, decay or deteriorate and you can expect them to last in excess of thirty years.

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For more information about our extensive range of customisable uPVC windows call us now on 01382 792061. If you prefer you can email info@merakihalo.com or come and see us:

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We can discuss your requirements and put together a comprehensive, fully transparent quote and help you to bring your vision to life.

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For more information about our fantastic range of bifolding doors call us now on 01382 792061, or email our team on info@merakihalo.com for more information, a no obligation consultation about your external door requirements or a full quotation. Alternatively come and see us:

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What are the advantages of uPVC windows over other materials like wood or aluminium?

uPVC demands less maintenance than both wood and aluminium. It also tends to cost less while still delivering excellent insulation, making it the cost effective and convenient choice.

How much do uPVC windows cost?

The cost of uPVC windows will vary depending on the style, size and finish of the window you choose. Call us on 01382 792061 to arrange a quotation.

Can I order uPVC windows online?

You can make your initial inquiries about uPVC windows online, and we may arrange to come and visit your property in order to take the measurements we need to ensure your windows fit your property correctly.

How long do uPVC windows last, and what maintenance do they require?

You can expect your uPVC windows to last in excess of thirty years with minimal maintenance – just regular cleaning and occasional lubrication of moving parts is more than enough.

Do you provide installation services for uPVC windows?

We will be with you from the first consultation, taking you through the design process and then fitting your uPVC windows to the very highest standards.