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Experience the Elegance: Step into Our Bifolding Doors

Bifolding doors are different from regular doors because they are constructed from two or more panels, or leaves, that are hinged together. When you open bifolding doors, these panels fold back onto themselves and slide to one side of the door aperture. This clever folding design allows bifolding doors to close large openings without needing a huge amount of space to open.

This makes bifolding doors perfect as patio doors, or dividing one large room up into smaller sections. They can allow a massive amount of light into a room but take up almost no space when open, allowing you to make the transition between your indoor and outdoor space almost seamless.

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Features and Benefits of Bifold Folding Doors

Folding bifold doors allow you to make the best possible use of your space. Because they require very little room to open, you do not have to plan your interior or exterior décor around them – they simply fold out of the way. Bifold folding doors can also be fully glazed, meaning that they can allow natural light to flood into your indoor space creating a bright and airy spacious feel. Modern bifolding doors also offer superb energy efficiency, helping you to keep your indoor space warmer in winter and cooler in summer without inflating your energy bills.

And of course, folding bifold doors also look fantastic whether they are open or closed – when closed they provide a fantastic clear view of your outdoor space and when open they almost disappear completely.



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We include a free bespoke design consultation with all of our uPVC front doors and composite doors – making the door of your dreams a reality.

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We have an in-house installation team in the Dundee area including fitters and joiners who deliver an exceptional standard of work.

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We work with local suppliers to bring market-leading uPVC, composite and aluminium doors to our customers in Dundee and across the east coast of Scotland.

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What Materials are Used for Folding Bifold Doors?

Generally speaking, the main material in the panels that make up bifold folding doors will be glass, but that double glazed glass pane will need to sit in a frame of some kind, and there are many options for the material the frame will be made of. Aluminium is popular because it is light, which makes the doors easy to slide and fold, is durable, weather resistant and very easy to recycle should you ever decide to re-model.

Timber is also a popular choice. Wood tends to be more energy efficient than aluminium and is easily customised because it is easy to stain or paint in whatever colour or finish you desire. Timber is also very good at absorbing sound, which can help with sound insulation. If timber were to have a drawback, it would be the higher level of maintenance that it requires, and it can be heavier than alternatives which can mean that timber framed doors can be harder to open and close than other options.

Composite folding bifold doors are constructed from a mixture of materials that are laminated together under high pressure and offer many of the advantages of timber framed doors. They can be heavier than aluminium and are not as customisable as timber, but they offer excellent thermal and sound insulation as well as enhanced security. They also require minimal maintenance while offering extended longevity.

Finally there is uPVC, a tried and trusted material that used to almost be the default choice because it is budget friendly and low maintenance. It is not always as energy efficient as some other options, so always check the energy rating of a specific uPVC doors.

uPVC bifold folding doors are available in a range of textures including wood grain which can deliver a pleasing aesthetic finish, but colours can be limited. Both wooden and composite frames can be delivered in a vast range of colours, and aluminium can also be painted in an almost infinite range of colours. All of this means that folding bifold doors can work with any aesthetic and suit any building.

Transform Your Space With Our Easy Installation Process

The installation of bifolding doors begins with the careful and precise measuring of the void into which the doors will be fitted. These measurements will be used to manufacture the sliding panels so that they fit perfectly into the aperture for an energy efficient draft proof seal.

Once the panels have been fabricated we will remove the old doors and thoroughly clean the brickwork surrounding the aperture before applying a bead of silicone sealant and installing the external cill. This external cill will be responsible for taking rainwater away from the doors to ensure your home remains dry.

Once the aperture is properly prepared, it is time to place the new frame for your doors – meticulously constructed from your chosen material – into place. For the proper functioning of the finished doors the frame must be completely level so this is the most meticulous stage of the incredibly meticulous process. Once the frame is perfectly installed it is then time to fit the door panels, hinge them together and ensure their smooth operation.

Then all that remains is to clean up and remove any debris, leaving your home – complete with your beautiful new doors – pristine and looking fabulous.

As you can see, the installation of bifolding doors is a complex process. This is why it is extremely important to make sure the installation is undertaken by experienced professionals.


Why Choose Meraki Halo for Bifold Doors?

The question really is why you would choose anyone else. We have been designing and fitting bifolding doors for a long time now and our highly experienced team has the skills needed to ensure that your bifolding doors are fitted perfectly. Talk to us today to find out about our guaranteed installation services!

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Top 9 Benefits of Bifold Doors

Top 9 Benefits of Bifold Doors

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Are bifolding doors suitable for all types of homes?

Absolutely! Any door can be a bifolding door!

What are the key benefits of installing bifolding doors?

There are so many! From energy efficiency to efficient use of space. But perhaps the thing that sets bifolding doors apart is the way they allow seamless transition between “indoor” and “outdoor” space when they are open and allow your indoor space to flood with natural light when they are closed.

How do you secure a balcony with bifolding doors?

Modern bifolding doors are great for securing a balcony because they can be used to completely close it off, and then fold away to nothing when you want to sit out there with a chilled glass of lemonade on a hot day. With three point locking systems, toughened glass and integral deadbolts bifolding doors can be a real security asset.

What maintenance is required for bifolding doors?

This will depend on the materials you choose for your bifolding doors. Composite, aluminium or uPVC doors will need minimal maintenance beyond regular cleaning and occasional lubrication. Timber bifolding doors may need to be re-painted periodically and may also need occasional treatment to ensure no rot takes hold.

How long does the installation process take?

We always endeavour to complete the installation of your bifolding doors as quickly and efficiently as possible to minimise disruption. The precise timescales will depend on the size and complexity of the installation, so our experienced team will discuss that with you at the design stage.