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High-Quality uPVC Doors: Installation and Replacement Services

uPVC doors offer a range of benefits. They offer excellent security, can be customised to a wide range of designs and preferences, provide excellent thermal and audio insulation, are incredibly durable and require almost no maintenance.

At Meraki Halo we have been supplying and fitting bespoke uPVC external doors for many years. Our experienced and highly professional door fitting team installs high quality uPVC front doors across Dundee, Fife, Angus and the surrounding areas, helping the people of Eastern Scotland keep their homes secure and comfortable.

10 Year Guarantee


Bespoke Designs

Made to Measure

Discover the Versatility of uPVC Door Styles

uPVC doors are incredibly versatile and available in a number of distinct forms. There is of course the ‘regular’ front door, but uPVC outside doors are by no means limited to the standard ‘2 foot by 6 foot’ format. If you need a door for a larger aperture you might choose French doors, or sliding doors. If you want to be able to open up the whole of the door aperture, but do not have a lot of space, perhaps bifolding doors would best fit the bill.

Essentially, you need to think about the space you have and the way you want the areas on each side of the door to interact. If you are opening onto a garden or patio area, the doors will be closing a large space. Traditional French doors allow you to close a large aperture, but do require you to have enough open space for the doors to swing into.

Whatever your requirements, there is a uPVC door style that will meet the challenge, so if you are looking to replace your exterior doors uPVC could well be the best material for the job.



Bespoke Designs

We include a free bespoke design consultation with all of our uPVC front doors and composite doors – making the door of your dreams a reality.

Professional Trades Team

We have an in-house installation team in the Dundee area including fitters and joiners who deliver an exceptional standard of work.

Premium Products

We work with local suppliers to bring market-leading uPVC, composite and aluminium doors to our customers in Dundee and across the east coast of Scotland.

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Our uPVC External Door Services

Installation Services

Whatever style of uPVC outside doors you choose it is important to make sure that uPVC doors are properly installed. Our installation service starts at the measuring stage to ensure that your uPVC doors fit their allotted space snugly. Once the doors and door frames have been manufactured to those precise measurements they will be carefully fitted into the door aperture with our experienced and highly skilled installation team making sure that everything works perfectly.

Replacement Services

uPVC doors are incredibly durable, so it will be a long time before an existing uPVC door will need to be replaced. Eventually, of course, everything wears out but you can expect the average uPVC door to last a good quarter century. It is much more likely that any uPVC door replacement will be as a result of changing aesthetic preferences – however good looking uPVC front doors are, styles are always subject to change.

Our team will work with you to help you choose a new uPVC door that will suit your current style, but is timeless enough to meet your aesthetic needs for as long as possible. Remember too that an aesthetic upgrade can also be an upgrade in your security and energy efficiency. Modern uPVC doors offer more robust security features and better thermal insulation than older models, so if your current uPVC door has been in place for a long time and is beginning to look a little tired, it might be time to think about something a little more modern.

Why Choose Our Exterior Doors uPVC Service?

Truly, the question is why you would choose anyone else. We have been designing and fitting uPVC doors for a very long time and our highly experienced team is always ready to use that experience to bring you perfectly fitted uPVC doors. We only use the highest quality materials and everything is manufactured and installed to the very highest standards. Talk to us today to find out about our guaranteed installation services!


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For more information about our fantastic range of bifolding doors call us now on 01382 792061, or email our team on info@merakihalo.com for more information, a no obligation consultation about your external door requirements or a full quotation. Alternatively come and see us:

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For more information about our fantastic range of bifolding doors call us now on 01382 792061, or email our team on info@merakihalo.com for more information, a no obligation consultation about your external door requirements or a full quotation. Alternatively come and see us:

Meraki Halo

Block A, Unit 6

Tom Johnston Road



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Are uPVC doors durable?

uPVC doors are incredibly durable. They are not susceptible to rot or corrosion and are more than tough enough to deal with anything the Scottish climate can throw at them. Once uPVC doors are installed they will deliver perfect service for many, many years.

How do I maintain uPVC doors?

uPVC doors require very little maintenance beyond a regular clean and the occasional dab of lubrication on the moving parts. They require no painting and virtually no upkeep of any kind.

What are the benefits of uPVC doors over other materials?

There are a number of benefits to uPVC doors. They are relatively inexpensive when compared with other materials while still delivering good looks, good insulation and intense durability.

Can uPVC doors be customised?

uPVC is available in a number of textures and colours, and uPVC doors can be manufactured in a vast range of styles and designs. Call us to discuss the designs that we can offer in uPVC and personalise your home to suit your taste.

How long does uPVC door installation take?

We always do our best to minimise disruption by getting installation done in the shortest possible time. The precise timescales will depend on the size and complexity of the installation, so our experienced team will discuss that with you at the design stage.