Sapphire Blue Rockdoor Composite Door Installation in Dundee

House breaking continues to be a big problem in Scotland with approximately 24 reported housebreakings every day. Ensuring that home security remains a top priority for Scottish homeowners.

When it comes to securing our homes, windows and doors play a crucial role. Old windows and doors can be a vulnerable entry point to the home, and can be attractive to burglars looking to get in. We like to believe that front doors can keep out any intruders, but the reality is majority of burglars enter through front and back doors thanks to weak spots and faulty locking mechanisms.

So how can replacing my windows and doors improve my home security?

Upgrading windows and doors can improve home security for several reasons:

Enhanced Material Strength

Older windows and doors may have weaker frames, hinges, or locks, making them more vulnerable to forced entry. Upgrading to newer windows and doors made from reinforced materials and rigorously tested to meet the highest security standards can keep out intruders. Modern innovations like high security composite doors are engineered for strength and come with built-in security features to keep your home burglar-proof.

Advanced Locking Mechanisms

Modern windows and doors often come with improved locking systems backed by accreditation like PAS24 and police supported initiative Secured By Design. They also commonly carry generous security guarantees for extra peace of mind. Advanced locking mechanisms can be reinforced by multi-point locking systems, strong dead bolts and/or the latest in home security innovation – keyless entry systems and smart locks. These advanced locking mechanisms make it more difficult for intruders to enter the home unnoticed and tamper with or bypass the locks.

Impact Resistance

Windows and doors engineered with impact-resistant materials and innovative technology, like Rockdoor’s S-Glaze glazing system, can withstand attempted break-ins. This makes it much harder for intruders to gain access to your home through breaking or forcing entry through windows or doors.


Burglars are typically looking to get in and out of properties as quickly as possible with most home burglaries happening within minutes. They are also inclined to target areas or homes they’ve had success with before. However, if a house looks too secure with upgraded windows and doors plus enhanced locking mechanisms that are hard to break they are less likely to target the home. 

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